Rihanna Wore a Denim Skirt as a Top, and Honestly It’s Kind of Genius

When I go to the dentist, I tend to sleep in until the last minute (nerves) and then hurriedly throw on something that gives a nice impression to the dentist that yes, I do floss regularly. But I am not Rihanna, who, being Rihanna, who wore a glorious pink coat, white camisole, jeans, and a denim skirt to what sources say is the dentist. It was a lewk, and with a seriously unconventional twist: Rihanna wore the denim skirt as a top over the camisole—and it’s actually pretty brilliant.

As you can see, the denim skirt appears to be unbuttoned almost all the way down and shrugged on over a white, silky, lace-trimmed cami—a piece from her inclusive upcoming Savage x Fenty lingerie line, naturally—as kind of a makeshift bustier. It’s kind of like when she wore that nineties Prada bra as a top, but with a more aughts feel.

She coyly referenced the look on her Insta too, posting a pap photo with the caption “when yo skirt too short.” All hail the queen.

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