These Platform White Sneakers Are the Best Thing I’ve Bought in the Past Six Months

I kind of hate white sneakers. I’ve never bought the Stan Smith Adidas white sneakers everyone owns in multiples. I’ve also never worn the Converse white sneakers everyone wears with everything. For most of my life I saw white sneakers as boring. They weren’t interesting enough to be worth the constant risk of dirtying every time I walked on the subway. Normcore came and went without me buying a single pair. But then this past summer I discovered platformed white sneakers by Naked Wolfe that I love so much I squeal (audibly) every time I put them on. They absolutely changed my entire wardrobe, and I don’t know how I could have lived this long without them.

What makes them different than all the white sneakers you’ve seen before is that they are actually ridiculous. Yes, you read that right. Of all the adjectives I could have chosen, ridiculous is the one best suited to describe my perfect pair of nineties-inspired chunky platform white sneakers that I love like no other. The other day I wore them out in Soho, enjoying every clunky step, when a man across the street screamed, “Hey! You! Your shoes are crazy. I love them!” I don’t know this man and I never saw him again, but he has a point. I love them too.

Logically, I shouldn’t. They are sort of crazy. But then again so is 2018, so I don’t see the issue there. The platform is so large it makes me look like a living Bratz doll ,which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. Every time I wear them, I’m automatically three inches taller. Unlike with white sneakers, platform white sneakers help dress an outfit up (literally), not down. Instead of blending in, they stand out and I love how they really make me stand tall. But because they are also sneakers and not heels, the natural growth spurt and confidence boost are painless. Since they’re all white, they go with everything, and the color scheme simplicity keeps them from crossing into ugly dad shoe territory. I’m also convinced they have mass appeal because whenever I wear them, someone really unexpected always compliments them. Shop my favorite pair and all the other best platform white sneakers out there below.All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Naked Wolfe Sporty Leather Platform Sneakers

As I’ve just discussed, this pair of white sneakers is the best thing I’ve bought in the past six months. Everyone always asks where they are from, regardless of their personal style. I’m convinced they are the most perfect pair of white sneakers ever made, and I wear them on average three times a week. They go with everything and are the easiest thing to put on when I’m running late but still want to look somewhat put together and cool. They also make me taller, which is always a plus.

Superga 2790 Linea Platform Sneaker

As much as I love the chunky look of most platform white sneakers, Superga offers up a nice sleek and simple pair for the less adventurous. They still look unique and give you height but won’t encourage everyone on the street to tell you how crazy your shoes are.

Fila Women’s Disruptor II Premium Lace Up Leather Dad Sneakers

Fila’s Disruptor premium lace-ups are probably the most popular chunky white sneaker of the moment. Gigi Hadid wears these as does every other model when they’re off-duty. The jagged sole makes them unique, and the Fila branding feeds into logo-mania, which is also very on trend.

Buffalo Classic Chunky Sole Sneakers in White

British brand Buffalo London is known for their iconic chunky-sole sneakers. The ultra-light “cloud sole” means the sneakers are light despite having a ginormous platform that adds nearly three inches of height.

Jeffrey Campbell HMDI Platform Sneaker

If you like the look of more classic sporty white sneakers, Jeffrey Campbell has a great platform pair. The different shapes and textures also helps set them apart with a futuristic vibe.0

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Sneaker

Before I discovered Naked Wolfe, I owned a pair of these. The platform gives them some literal height and edge over all the other converse white sneakers out there. If you’re into Chuck Taylors but want something different, look no further.

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